Monday, June 13, 2011

Banana Leaf Milpitas

Banana Leaf is one of two Malaysian restaurants that we've been to in Milpitas (the other one being Penang Garden).  We prefer this one by far because of the better food, better atmosphere and pretty much better everything.  Since this place is so good, if you don't get here by 6:30pm then the wait can be easily 30 minutes to 1 hour.  One of the most popular Malaysian dishes is the Roti.  When we go to Banana Leaf, we usually get the Roti Prata which is a multi-layered Indian bread which is made really thin and served with a curry sauce.  This particular time we went, we decided to pay a little more and try the Roti Murtabak which is the same as the Roti Prata but with beef, eggs and onion.  It looked and tasted great:

Other dishes that we've tried here include:

- Red and green curries with chicken and/or beef - you can't go wrong with curry especially eaten over rice.
- Sizzling beef
- The noodles dishes of which all are very good

This time we tried a different noodle called the Ying Yong Noodles and it looked amazing and tasted just as good:

This dish consisted of two different types of noodles and the contrast between the two were pretty impressive.  There were soft noodles and fried noodles so every taste had a different texture - thus the name Ying Yong Noodles.  Highly recommend this dish if you're going to Banana Leaf in Milpitas.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Tung Kee Noodle House Milpitas

This place is like our kitchen - we come here whenever we need a cheap meal.  We usually stick with the noodles but have tried the porridge and rice plates as well.   This is not fancy looking place as it looks like a school cafeteria more than a restaurant but this place is fast as you can be in and out of here in 30 minutes.  Our personal favorites here are the combination with won tons and the combination rice stick noodle soup.

Best Noodles Bay Area

We are very fortunate to have so many yummy noodle places to choose from in the Bay Area.  Being huge fans of eating noodles, we are sharing with you a list of our favorites:

QQ Noodle in Milpitas or Fremont has some of the best hand pulled noodles.  For those of you who know Mandarin, you'll know that QQ in Mandarin stands for chewy and the noodles here are definitely chewy (i.e. al dente).  When coming here, be sure to order their #1 - it's a must.

New Tung Kee Noodle House in Milpitas is a great place to go for a cheap meal.  Usually two bowls of noodles runs about $12.  It's so cheap that we call this our "kitchen" as it's the place to go to get a cheap meal.  Sometimes eating here is cheaper than cooking at home

Pho Nam in Milpitas or Sunnyvale serves up some of the best pho in the Bay Area.  We've tried their pho, the bun (the dry noodles which you pour fish sauce over), the rice plates, fried/fresh rolls and iced coffee.  Can't really go wrong with anything except maybe the fresh rolls.  The fresh rolls are a bit "stale" as we think they make them the night before and leave them in the refrigerator until someone orders them.

Maruichi Ramen in Mountain View or Milpitas serves up delicious ramen noodles.  I've read on Yelp there are better places but this one is pretty good.  Don't believe the disses that you hear about this place, it's good food!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ruby's Taqueria Sunnyvale

This place was so good that I ate here twice in one week.  Both times I got a burrito - a carne asada burrito and a carnitas burrito.  Both were delicious and HUGE!  They definitely don't skimp on their super burritos as for $6.00 you get a good amount of food.  Previous to discovering Ruby's Taqueria, we used to go all way to Mountain View for La Bamba.  Now that we've found Ruby's, we are staying more local to get our burritos.  Be sure to try their chips too as they are also very good.